Plasmotec is proud to offer a number of standard parts to a variety of industry sectors. Our standard parts ranges are capable of being transformed to meet your specific requirements. Be that a change of colour to match your corporate colour scheme, printing or engraving, or a change of material, through to changes to the fit and function requirements to meet your project specifications, or even a more profound and fundamental change to radically alter a part, out modular tooling, and on site toolroom are often capable of achieving your requirements. Call us on 01280 701 335.

Measuring Devices & Shakers

Part description

Part # (white)


Threaded Shaker Body (White)

Beaker Shaker Body (Natural)



Threaded Shaker Lid (White)

Beaker Shaker Lid (White)


5ml Measuring Beaker (Natural)

150ml Measuring Beaker (Natural)