Custom Moulding

From the very inception of a project, clients are encouraged to engage with us to determine the exact requirements for the product, and how these are to be controlled in the production environment. Full control of the process from end to end is a prerequisite of ensuring that the quality that the customer demands can be met. A full drawing specification and product brief is generated by Plasmotec to ensure that all parties know what is required from the end product.


Before a tool is authorised for production, a pre-build meeting is convened bringing together all the stakeholders within the Company to ensure that everyone is involved and can contribute from the very beginning of the project.


Once the tooling has been manufactured Production are tasked with the validation and optimisation (V&O) of the tool on its chosen machine. This V&O process ensures that the Company understands what makes the process tick, such that we know that from shot to shot, and from one run to the next run, the product that drops from the process is the same each and every time that the tooling is run.


QA will use samples generated from a completed V&O process to provide ISIRs, product and colour standards as required for customer sign off approval. They will undertake statistical analysis of the samples to ensure that the process is completely stable and can be repeated time after time. QA will control the provision of an in-process gauges that might be needed, they will set up any CMM programmes required to ensure size conformance to specification, and conduct any specific testing required by the client to ensure compliance to the design brief.


Call us to talk about your specific tooling and moulding requirements on 01280 701 335. Plasmotec have a proven track record of assimilating "orphaned" tooling from other moulders, even where the mould in question may have been a "problem child" to the previous moulder.

From the earliest days of its existence Plasmotec has been manufacturing tooling and unit parts in the custom moulding sector. Our in-house toolroom and skill toolroom staff mean that you do not need to go anywhere else to have your custom moulding requirements serviced.




In order to achieve the above, the Company has developed a Quality System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. This Quality System is supported and endorsed by every employee, and is a reflection of the Company's desire to provide our customers with the highest standards on a continuous and consistent basis.


Our philosophy is to ensure:

  • Our quality systems and controls are focused to ensure that client expectations are met and exceeded.
  • We harness technology wherever sensible to leverage knowledge and control and to provide efficient solutions.
  • Our systems and controls are appropriate and commensurate with each client's and each component's unique attributes and demands.
  • We manage the process from end to end, meaning that we employ process control techniques specifically adapted to the needs of a modern progressive injection moulding company.


Each product that we manufacture has its own dedicated space on our quality assurance computer programme. Within this space quality assurance control and review topics such as, drawings and ISIRs, Master samples, First off and Last off product audits, scrap rates, Job Card histories, material requirements, and shrinkage rate evaluations, to name but a few.