Time to market


Getting the product into the market as quickly as possible, frequently ranks alongside price as the criteria most often sighted by purchasers as being of paramount importance. Plasmotec are fairly unique in having all stages of the manufacturing process on one site, this, coupled with its central and accessible location in Brackley Northamptonshire, allows Plasmotec to have faster lead times than many of its peers.


Significant strides in rapid prototyping over recent years have helped to reduce project time in the development stages. However when it comes to production tooling there is often a lengthy lead time to contend with. Plasmotec are fully committed to reducing the time it takes to bring a project to fruition in all stages of manufacture through our on site manufacturing, including using rapid prototype techniques in teh design and development stage, whilst still having the versatility to cater to the demands of the customer. Utilising its Mould Flow Analysis software, we are able to finesse the product design to achieve optimised performance and mouldability in a 3D virtual environment, further reducing the overall lead-time associated with getting a new product into the market.


In-house tooling means that as well as providing a fully-fledged custom moulding service, Plasmotec can quickly and easily modify and customise any of its standard range of products to meet the specific requirements of customers, using techniques such as rapid prototyping. We also have a proven capability in re-homing orphan tooling, often enabling cost savings to be achieved.


“We build our moulds on the same site on which our production facilities are located so we can optimise tool and machine output and minimise tooling lead times,” says director, Laurence Hibble. “This helps us to keep our tooling costs as low as possible – an efficiency that brings savings which are passed on to our customers.”


Plasmotec can also accommodate volume growth. This means that if you commission us to build tooling, which at some future point proves to be insufficient to handle your volumes, or is under specified such that re-tooling would offer unit cost advantages, we will offer you a cost effective route to re-tooling.


For more information regarding Time to Market and Rapid Prototyping, contact us here or call us on 01280 701 335 to talk to one of our team.