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For our Custom Pad Printing services, we are able to offer a variety of ink colours from a standard range colour pallet held by our suppliers, as well as a few standard colours that we generally hold. Inks from our supplier's standard range colour pallet command a price premium, and it must be remembered that once opened, the inks have a limited shelf life, and that a bit of ink goes a long way!


Not all plastics are naturally compatible with printing, and may need to be pre or post print treated to ensure that full adhesion of the ink is achieved.


Contact us here, or call to us to talk about your specific Pad Printing requirements on 01280 701 335

Plasmotec is able to offer printing onto plastic components via its in-house custom Pad Printing operation. Pad printing is a process whereby the desired print image is etched onto a metal plate known as a cliche. Printing ink is then evenly spread over the cliche image, and is picked up from the cliche on a silicon printing pad. The image is then transferred from the printing pad onto the moulding, and the ink allowed to dry. This process is handled automatically on each cycle of the pad printer machine.


There are one off up-front costs to achieving a printed component, these include conversion of the print image graphics to a form that can be etched onto the cliche. This process is best done from camera ready artwork such as PDF, or CDR files. Whilst the process can handle quite fine detail, some details are just too small to be able to be accurately reproduced on the moulding - our team are on-hand to guide you through what is possible and what is not likely to give an aesthetically pleasing finished product. Experience shows that a nice fine sparked finish on the moulding gives good durability and aesthetics to the finished product.


We will also need to manufacture a jig or jigs to support and hold the mouldings accurately whilst the printing takes place, again our team are here to help you through this and advise what will be required. The costs for the jigs will be covered in the one off charges.