We accomplish
individual projects

We believe in working closely and in partnership with you as if we were an extension of your own operation, ensuring the job gets done efficiently, effectively and at the right price.


Having the moulding and tooling facility under one roof compresses development time, therefore time to market and overall project costs. Being a one-stop-shop also means that market critical data does not have to be shared with a never ending list of sub-contractors – we are happy to comply with Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s). Where we do use sub-contact suppliers to reduce costs or lead-times, Plasmotec closely monitors, supervises, co-ordinates and controls their work.


Not all projects require multi-cavity high production tooling from the outset, but over time the volumes or design tweaks might suggest that new tooling is required to better cope with market demands or seasonal peaks, Plasmotec has the tooling up-grade paths to cope. Tooling can be built that utilises Plasmotec standard elements, reducing capital expenditure at the start of a project; as volumes grow, more bespoke high efficiency tooling can be manufactured to enhance product design, and reduce unit costs. Plasmotec has the experience and expertise to grow your project with you.


Injection Mould Tool Transfer


 Plasmotec has a proven record of re-homing orphaned tooling, so if you have tooling that you would like to relocate for any reason, the chances are that we can run it for you. We are happy to provide bench-mark costs for production mouldings against your current supply, just give us some pertinent data, and we’ll do the rest! 

Ensuring that production mouldings are produced to the right specification, of the appropriate quality, at a competitive price, consistently and reliably, starts with the tooling from which those mouldings will be produced. This means that building the right tool, at the right cost and quality, and invariably in the shortest lead-time is critical to the success of the project. Our toolmakers in conjunction with our mould shop Process Engineers interpret the design brief, not only in terms of product quality and volumes, but also how it will be run on a particular moulding machine, and how efficiently and effectively the products can be produced.


Utilising a CAD suite that not only encompasses the production of 3D drawings, but also Mould-flow analysis, and a mould build programme, we are able to seamlessly convert an initial concept idea into full production reality. Working from the proverbial fag-packet drawing or importing CAD data from a third party source, we are able to offer insight and design advise to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for the project. Our on-site 3D printing capability allows the build of pre-production samples to facilitate hands-on analysis of any design change proposals before they are committed to tooling.


The majority of tools run at Plasmotec have been designed and manufactured on site at our facilities in Brackley. As such this tooling is guaranteed by Plasmotec, and will be maintained free of charge for the reasonable life expectancy of that tool, whilst it is kept in volume production and held by Plasmotec. In short, Plasmotec accepts the burden of responsibility for the tooling, leaving our clients free to run their business without the worry and costs involved in maintaining their tooling.