Plasmotec is a leading standard parts manufacturer across the UK. We have been in the business of injection moulding and tool making since 1989 and are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive service for all their plastic moulding needs.


The Plasmotec team incorporates a broad range of skills and expertise across a variety of disciplines, all of which we believe are vital to the success of each and every project.


At Plasmotec we are committed to the delivery of the right product at the best possible price at a quality level that is likely to exceed your expectations. This requires control of all aspects of the process - design, tool build, validation and optimisation, to enable rigorous control of the production parameters.


Proper control of the process enables us to not only ensure quality expectations are exceeded but unnecessary costs are eliminated.


A Few Words About Us

We believe in working closely and in partnership with you, as if we were an extension of your own operation, ensuring the job gets done efficiently, effectively and at the right price.


To learn more about our approach to moulding projects, go to the New Product Development icon on the home page, or call us on 01280 701 335, and we'll help you through the process of getting a new product to the market.


As an experienced standard parts manufacturer, we offer a number of standard parts ranges across a variety of industry sectors. Built around modular format tooling, most of these standard parts can be made "bespoke" to the users requirements. Be that as simple as a change to a corporate colour, or a change of material, to engraving or a more radical modification, talk to us and see what we are able to offer


Contact us here to find out more about our services as a leading standard parts manufacturer. 

Our Advantages

We accomplish
individual projects

Plasmotec offers a number of standard parts ranges across a variety of industry sectors. Built around modular format tooling, most of these standard parts can be made "bespoke" to the users requirements.


Manufactured in the UK.

Manufacturing is carried out at our facilities in the heart of England, minimising your inventory requirements, lead-times, and carriage charges (where applicable) and communication issues


Rest assured that our Quality is Assured. Using modern machinery, and an adherence to the principles of "good moulding practice" and "process control" throughout the Company ensure that your requirements for service and quality will be met.



On site toolroom.

Tooling is manufactured in our on-site toolroom, giving you a single point of contact for your product development and sourcing requirements.



Order Queuing

Our investment in new technology combined to a portfolio of some 30 machines ensures that order queuing is minimised.



Cost effective solutions.

Plasmotec offers plastic injection moulded components at very competitive rates, we achieve this by the use of state of the art machinery running efficient tooling 24hrs a day. Talk to us about your project and we're confident that we will be able to offer proposals that are highly competitive.


Bespoke standard parts.

If you can't see exactly what you are looking for in our standard parts range, talk to us about your requirements and how our modular format tooling can often be adapted to meet your requirements.


Friendly and Efficient

Talk to our staff, and you will find that they are helpful and efficient, call us on 01280 701 335 or e-mail


Standard parts off the shelf.

A number of our standard parts are offered "off the shelf" to minimise order lead-times. Non stocked items can often be available within two weeks or less.

Whether it is a custom project that requires full design, tool making and manufacture or a standard part from our range, we are able to give all the help and advice required to make the whole process run smoothly and cost effectively. We are also accustomed to working with high volume orders and can assemble, print or engrave products to meet more specific needs.


Our particular strengths lie in the range of key market sectors which we can and do serve:

Food and Beverage packaging

General Packaging

Health and Beauty products

Non-invasive pharmaceuticals

Furniture components

Pet care products and packaging

Engineering components




Plasmotec offers a range of services to help in the development of new products, these include initial CAD visualisation of a project utilising the power of our 3D solid modelling software, to 3D printing also known as Fused Deposition Modelling.