Plasmotec, as one of the leading Plastic Moulding Manufacturers in the UK, has the skill sets and the experience to be able to offer advise and solutions to enable the efficient transition of your project, from the drawing board through prototyping (3D printing, SLA & SLS modeling, prototype tooling) to full blown production of your injection moulded components.


The Plasmotec team of skilled engineers and technicians build quality and efficiency into all the plastic injection moulding projects that we undertake. This up-front commitment at the earliest stages of a project ensure that successful results are achieved time after time.

New project development (NPD)

Initial design and prototyping

To ensure that the highest levels of efficiency are achieved from a new moulding tool, Plasmotec employs a rigorous testing and validation process of the mould tool. Using statistical analysis of the performance of the moulding tool and the moulding machine sets the standard for process control moving forward, ensuring shot-to-shot and run-to-run consistency time after time.


Mouldings are taken from this verified and optimised process and are compared via ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) to the agreed drawing specification.

Any anomalies between the mouldings and the drawing are resolved and the tooling re-tested as necessary.


Only when the client is happy with the samples, and has signed off the ISIR and other quality assurance documentation, can we then produce parts to your order.


Specific in-process testing and verification of the mouldings at first-off and last-off quality assurance points are undertaken via CMM and other calibrated measuring equipment and gauges, ensuring compliance to the ISIR.

Our commitment to the product doesn't end until the product reaches the end of its life cycle. Should the volumes on the product exceed original expectations and the capabilities of the tooling, Plasmotec offers up-grade paths for new tooling production.


As the product moves through its life cycle, Plasmotec will maintain and house the tooling to ensure that it is ready to go into production as required.


Face-lifts and modifications can also be handled via our toolroom to refresh or enhance the injection moulded parts.


Our cradle to grave approach means that you do not have to look for multiple agencies when contemplating a new project, it can be handled under one roof at Plasmotec. This approach means that the responsibility for new projects rests where it belongs with the moulder, allowing piece of mind to our clients.


To learn more about our Rapid Prototyping and delivery of new injection moulded products, please call us on 01280 701 335, or use the contacts page to request a quotation.

Our Advantages

We accomplish
individual projects

 From initial concept through to full production we are with you every step of the way, find out why Plasmotec are one of the most trusted Plastic Moulding Manufacturers in the UK.

Early production

Product life cycle support



In-house Toolroom

Skilled staff and state of the art equipment ensure the right tool to fit to the appropriate machine, equals efficiency.



We're here to help, if you are a novice with limited technical experience, or an old-hand, we're here to help.


In-house Design

From the simple to the complex, we have the skills and the technologies to bring your project to a successful conclusion



24hr Production

Plasmotec operates 28 Moulding machines 24hrs a day week-days. Reduced job queuing and lead-times.


Project Management


Quality Assurance

Plasmotec operates under ISO 9001:2015 strictures, ensuring product compliance to specification.

We work with you, bringing specific insight into every facet of the success of your injection moulded project.




High volume automated assembly, or hand assembly for the more modest injection moulded project are all catered for.



Plasmotec offers post moulding decoration of components via on-site Pad-printing.



Plasmotec has been at the forefront of Injection Moulding since 1998, operating from its facilities in central England.