The Plasmotec approach is different to that of most other Plastic Moulded Parts manufacturers, in that we keep all stages of the process directly under our control. We can assist you throughout the New Product Development cycle and ensure that production tooling is optimised for efficient manufacture from the outset of the product's life. To read more about how Plasmotec can assist you, click on the tabs below.


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What We Do


When undertaking tooling transfer, Plasmotec can provide a good home for your "Orphaned Tooling". If you have a tool that you wish to relocate or outsource for any reason, Plasmotec has extensive experience in providing a safe and effective route to continued production of your product.


In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to effect minor modifications to the tooling to achieve a fit to our moulding machines, but this can easily be handled by our skilled toolmakers.

Orphaned Tooling.


Utilising the power of our 3D CAD system we are able to offer rapid prototyping of your design. We offer in-house 3D Printing of components, and a bureau service for the production of SLA (Stereolithographic) and SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) models. These models help the designer focus and fine tune the critical aspects of the key attributes demanded of the finished product.


Plasmotec is also able to offer soft tooling options, utilising standard bases and inserts, to further test design criteria of a given project. The soft tooling route offers fully moulded parts for evaluation and test, in the actual material that the finished components will be moulded in.

Rapid Prototyping.


From the straight forward to the highly complex, Plasmotec has experience of moulding most thermoplastic materials, including, Polyethylene (PE), Rigid & Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polycarbonate (PC), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Acetal (POM), Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), and Nylons (PA). We are happy to utilise our technical contacts within the materials supply chain, to ensure that the best material choice is made for the demands placed upon the Plastic Moulded Parts.

Material Selection.


Tooling is manufactured in our on-site toolroom, this ensures that responsibility for the efficient production of Plastic Moulded Parts is where it should be, with Plasmotec. The elimination of a separate tool making company compresses development times and therefore reduces time to market to a minimum.


Plasmotec has developed modular tooling systems to minimise the capital costs of commissioning new tool builds, and we have various payment plans to further reduce the burden at the beginning of a project. We would be happy to discuss your project in further detail, to see how Plasmotec could assist, call 01280 701 335.

Tool Manufacture.


Plasmotec operates multiple seats of state of the art Software specific to the Moulding and Toolmaking environment. We are able to convert your ideas from  "back of fag packet" concepts to full 3D realisation. We are able to import multiple CAD formats, including IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, Parasolid and more, and can assist in ensuring that your design is optimised for manufacture, reducing tooling costs, and time to market timescales.

3D CAD Design & Assistance.


Plasmotec has invested heavily in CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software, to ensure that the design and tooling of the Plastic Moulded Parts are optimised for volume production. 

Our CAD packages seamlessly integrate mould flow analysis, and the tool design in one package, eliminating  transposition errors, and ensuring right first time, more of the time.

Mould Flow Analysis

We accomplish
individual projects

We believe in working closely and in partnership with you as if we were an extension of your own operation, ensuring the job gets done efficiently, effectively and at the right price.

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Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive solution that minimises your total investment over the life of your project. These project costs include the initial investment you make in the provision of tooling and the aggregate cost of all the mouldings manufactured over the life of the project. In most projects there is a trade-off between the investment in tooling and the unit price; the greater the tooling investment the greater will be the potential for lower unit pricing.


At Plasmotec we put a lot of work into getting the right balance between tooling investment and unit price, which means building the right tool. However, it does not stop there, as your product matures and the confidence you have in the demand for moulding strengthens we can offer low cost tool upgrades that will enable unit cost savings to be achieved.

Our purpose

Our mission is to offer a total solution that minimises your absolute investment over the life of your project whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and customer service. Put another way; our aim is to minimise the total cost to you of supplying mouldings over the life of the project.  This starts by ensuring that your project concept properly comes to fruition via a good workable design, with tooling built to the appropriate standard, optimised for the job in hand. But it does not end there for Plasmotec.....


At Plasmotec we work hard to ensure peak efficiency between the mould tool and the moulding machine, increasing efficiency, thus minimising your total investment in the project.Total quality is ensured through BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and a company wide commitment to deliver customer satisfaction above expectation. Throughout the design, tooling, and manufacturing processes, every effort is made to focus not only on efficiency but also on quality. Significant investment in time and money has been made in computerised quality systems and comprehensive training for all staff. During the development stages of a project, customers are encouraged to visit our facility and discuss key quality exposures so that they are properly considered and satisfactorily disposed of.


Our mission